Esoteric C-03XS Stereo Linestage Preamplifier – Made in Japan

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The Esoteric C-03Xs preamplifier carries on the refinement of the 02 series’ superb quality of musical reproduction, which stands as a Grandioso legacy. Their minimalist approach to the consummate purity of sound returns to the very source of audio component design to give birth to a rich new range of musical experience. Hand-assembled one by one in ESOTERIC’s Tokyo factory, each unit combines the most advanced technologies with an unprecedented level of craftsmanship to give life to a preeminent philosophy of sound appreciation, from which a timeless new standard is born.

Esoteric C-03Xs Information:

  • Independent Dual Mono Design
    Fully-Balanced Configuration Provides Excellent S/N Ratio
  • Ultra-Low-Noise Logic Control
  • Highly Responsive Low-Noise, Low-Impedance Power Circuit
  • Five preset volume curves permit selection of the most comfortable operating feel.
  • Individual input gain adjustability helps minimize differences in source volumes. (Range: ±18dB; 0.5dB steps)
  • Adjustable left and right channel volume balance control.(Range: ±6dB; 0.5dB steps)
  • Selectable phase inversion can be individually set for each source.
  • RCA2 terminals permit switching between normal line output and AV-through output for systems operated in both AV surround and pure two-channel modes.
  • The remote controller features a high-quality aluminium finish. Can also be used to operate any of Esoteric’s superb line of SACD players.
  • Source component name displays can be programmed using the remote controller.
  • Also equipped with dimmer, mute, and auto-display-off functions.
MM/MC phono stage board (option)
  • Dual mono” construction provides excellent signal separation between left and right channels.
  • MC load impedance value is selectable between 20, 100, and 300 ohms
  • Functions are easily accessible by using the remote controller.
  • 4-layer print circuit board achieves the shortest possible signal path.
  • Unique power regulator design minimizes unwanted sonic interference to the line stage.
  • Noise-free shielded internal wirings.

*The installation of the board includes hardware and software updates of the main unit, thus can only be done at the factory. Please contact us for further information

Esoteric C-03XS
Esoteric C-03XS Stereo Linestage Preamplifier – Made in Japan
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