Kharma Exquisite Classique Floor Standing Speakers

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If you look up “quality” in the dictionary there must be a reference to the Kharma Exquisite Classique loudspeaker, Quality exudes from the beautifully crafted cabinets to the supercar levels of fit and finish, and then there is the sound…….simply breathtaking.

Kharma Exquisite Classique Features;

The cabinet of the Exquisite Classique is a piece of art in every way, from the use of the very best of materials to construction and finish, all are exceptional. The cabinet is built up using vertically layered panels with carefully computed irregularity-shaped cut-outs, which minimizes air-born resonance. This minimization of air-born resonance inside the cabinet is important because the cabinet should absolutely have no contribution to the sound field itself.

The combination of high-pressure laminate panels, the irregular-shaped cut-outs and the de-coupling substance between panels to prevent structure-borne energy from travelling from one panel to other guarantees a resonance-dead cabinet. The Exquisite Classique’s cabinet does not contribute to the sound field itself resulting in all of the elements that make the Exquisite Classique working in harmony to become a mechanism to create an absolute sound.

Moreover this loudspeaker comes standard with the Signature treatment from Kharma. The significant improvement as a result of the Signature treatment is realised by using the Silver/Gold Signature version of the Kharma Binding Post System, refining the internal cabling by proprietary Kharma processes and modifying the drivers for better performance.

The drivers can be seen as the engine of the loudspeaker, which must create the musicality that may be expected from the uncompromised design of the Exquisite Classique. Therefore the quality of the drivers is crucial for creating an ultra-high-end sound.

Without a doubt, a focal point is the Diamond tweeter which is standard throughout the Exquisite Collection. This high-frequency driver is a true technological wonder featuring a diamond cone that has undergone the CVD process where incredible stiffness is reached with a minimum thickness of only 50 µm, A human hair is in the range of 17 to 180 µm! The combination of the materials and the process involved results in a driver capable of reproducing impressively pure high frequencies.

Technical Specs


  • EXQ-CS-3.1-GS


  • 3-way

RMS Power:

  • 250 Watt

Program power:    

  • 500 Watt

Frequency range:        

  • 22 Hz – 90 kHz

Nominal Impedance:    

  • 4 Ohm

Efficiency 2,83V / 1m:   

  • 90 dB

Maximum SPL:

  • 113 dB


High frequencies:   

  • 1-inch Diamond concave tweeter

Mid frequencies:            

  • 7-inch Omega 7 driver

Low frequencies:  

  • 12-inch Nomex-Kevlar driver


Including Stand (+/- 10mm):


  • 565 mm


  • 1270 mm


  • 849 mm


  • 1208 mm

Omega-F Upgrade;

For the best of both worlds, the Exquisite Classique can be ordered with the latest most advanced mid-range driver featured throughout the flagship Enigma Veyron range, the “Omega-F” midrange driver lifts what is already breathtaking levels of fidelity to the stratosphere.

Kharma Loudspeakers

Exquisite Classique Signature, Exquisite Classique with Omega-F midrange drivers

Kharma Exquisite Classique
Kharma Exquisite Classique Floor Standing Speakers
$266,000.00$290,000.00 inc. GST Select options
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