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[huge_it_slider id="3"] Kharma International produces a complete range of very high end audio, everything from loudspeakers, subs, cables and amplifiers. Every Kharma product is a labour of love, design details are poured over, material use is the best available, drive units are hand selected and tuned after an intense matching process. We find our customers that own Kharma products are very proud to own something so beautiful and unique. Most people are moved by music that they love, when this music is played through a Kharma product you are hearing it with nuance and detail available. The final step for many in achieving their high fidelity goals.

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Kharma International


Analogue Audio Interconnects - RCA & XLR

Coaxial Digital Cables

Floor Standing Speakers

Mono Power Amplifiers

Performance Power Cables

Pre amplifiers

Speaker Cables