Krix Volcanix Slim Subwoofer

$2,345.00 inc. GST

Krix Volcanix Slim
Krix Volcanix Slim Subwoofer

$2,345.00 inc. GST

The Krix Volcanix Slim Subwoofer has been designed to sit behind acoustic screens and in tighter spaces where a standard cube-sized subwoofer will not. The Volcanix Slim will deliver enormous punch and huge bass extension. Ideally used in a dual or quad configuration where this sub really shines

Welcome to the profound experience of true low-frequency effects with the Volcanix Slim, a dedicated home cinema in-room subwoofer.  Experience stunning depth and realism in car chases, building explosions and rumbling earthquakes, while also benefiting from tonal accuracy and the enhanced bass performance you need to truly feel a rock concert or the strings of a symphony orchestra.

Krix Volcanix Slim Key Features:

  • Slim design for greater placement options
  • Down-firing dual ports
  • Heavily braced enclosure

Frequency Range
15Hz-200Hz in-room response

Amplifier Power
450 Watts RMS

125dB maximum SPL in-room response

Stereo line-level RCA. High-level binding posts

Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, down-firing vents

630mm high x 500mm wide x 309mm deep

Low-Frequency Driver
Nominal 305mm (12”) diameter paper cone driver with 50mm (2”) long-throw voice coil developed for high level, low-frequency reinforcement

Power On/Off
Adjustable Auto/Always On, 12V trigger setting

Phase Select
0º or 180º

Low Pass Filter

50Hz-200Hz or bypass


26kg each

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