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Rega Aria Mk3 Phono Stage
Rega Aria MK3 MM / MC Phono stage

$2,299.00 inc. GST

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The Rega Aria Mk3 is an “all analogue amplifier” with no digital control circuitry. The fully aluminium case screens the internal circuit from any stray RFI signals. Rega’s designers have avoided including any superfluous gadgets as they obstruct the signal path and degrade the sound quality. The Aria incorporates many innovative design ideas including a self-adjusting servo control to keep the Moving Coil input circuit at its optimum, compensating for any variations in ambient or operating temperature.

Both moving magnet and moving coil stages have their own separate input sockets and input pre-amplifier circuitry. This enabled Rega to design bespoke input circuitry for each cartridge type without compromise. Signal switching is performed at a high level and low impedance (via relays) ensuring there is no degradation of the signal.

Rega Aria Mk3 Features:

  • High-performance switchable MC & MM stage
  • Fully adjustable MC stage
  • MC input uses parallel connected low noise FET’s
  • MM input uses low noise bipolar transistors
  • Custom-designed case
  • All analogue amplifier
  • Bespoke input circuitry for MM & MC
  • Rega Lifetime warranty against manufacture defects


Maximum Output Level

  • 11 V RMS

Rated Output Level

  • 200 mV

Output Resistance

  • 100 Ω

Minimum Output Resistance for a -3 dB @ 15Hz

  • 1 k

Power Consumption

  • 10 W

Ambient Operating Temperature

  • 5 to 35 °C

Dimensions (W × H × D)

  • 218 x 78 x 315 mm


  • 3.1Kg


Rega MC Load Resistance L & R

  • 100 Ω

Rega MC Loading Capacitance L & R

  • 1000 pF

Rega MC Gain L & R

  • 69.3 dB 9 (High setting for Rega MC models)




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