Stromtank SEQ 5 Sequential Power Distribution Board

$6,500.00 inc. GST

Stromtank SEQ 5 Sequential Power Distribution Board to buy in castle hill, NSW
Stromtank SEQ 5 Sequential Power Distribution Board

$6,500.00 inc. GST

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The Stromtank SEQ 5 sequential power distribution board is the ultimate when increasing your system’s power outlets. Seq 5 also offers sequential power-up to provide power to components at separate intervals

Please note illustrations show European power sockets the Australian version is fitted with Australian 240-volt sockets

Stromtank SEQ 5 Remote Features:

Outlets (receptacles):
 5 custom made Receptacles
 contact: pure Copper, Rhodium plated for the highest contact quality
(optional: Furutech GTX-D-NFC for an additional fee)

 230 /120V 50/60Hz
 power max total: 2.000 W ( 120 Vac 60Hz – 16A)
 power max total: 2.800 W ( 230 Vac 50Hz – 12A)

AC inlet – 20A max:
 contact: Nano Crystal Formular (NCF)
 fuse: cartridge fuse 6.3 x 32 Slo-Blo (slow blow)
DDS Filter (Digital Distortion Suppression)
 high-frequency trap, fully shielded, to reduce digital distortion on the power line

 processor board for sequential switching function equipped with Microchip PIC 16
 4 High-Performance latching relays with “high power” Contact
 contact: silver NCM plated (Nickel Chrome Molibdenum) that realizes a 16-A
high switching Current.

SEQ outlets:
 will be switched “ON” step by step
 to reduce peak current on the main power line
 delay from step to step 1 second

 Aluminum Magnesium Silicium ( AlMgSi 1)
 brushed and anodized, Surface: black and silver
 mounting plate: stainless steel – brushed
 sound optimized copper wiring for low inductivity

Phase control indicator: (red LED)
 mechanical resonance reduction: stainless Steel on Aluminium/ Magnesium


W* L* H:

80 x 440 x 120 mm – excluding feet

110 x 440 x 130 mm – including feet

Weight: 5 kg

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