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Bassocontinuo based in Bergamo – Italy employs a team of artisan craftsmen each highly skilled in a specific trade to hand manufacture components that come together to create the highest quality Hi-Fi racking we've ever seen. Bassocontinuo offers a wide range of models in some breathtaking finishes, You buy your racking by the shelf, and you can choose between a single component width model, double-width model or triple width model. You then choose the length of the leg to place your equipment neatly and allow for optimal ventilation.

A rack of this quality is not all about the look it is vital that it sounds good! Sounds good, how can a rack sound good? The components that make up a Bassocontinuo rack have been specifically designed to be as low in resonance as possible and to decouple your equipment from the surrounding environment which is a tried and tested method to ensure a performance increase for your system

We have several models and finishes on display so why not visit our showroom and see this amazing product for yourself

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