Esoteric F-07 Integrated Amplifier – Made in Japan

$10,000.00 inc. GST

Esoteric F-07
Esoteric F-07 Integrated Amplifier – Made in Japan

$10,000.00 inc. GST

Esoteric has introduced a new entry-level integrated amplifier in the Esoteric F-07 integrated amplifier. Esoteric is renowned for their beautifully built precise sounding high-end audio components and this model hasn’t strayed from the previous description whatsoever! The F-07 features a 3D optimised chassis giving each internal component its own space to minimise internal crosstalk allowing clean rich power delivery.

Esoteric F-07 Integrated Amplifier Key Features:

  • 2 X 100 watts into 8ohm
  • Fully balanced preamplifier
  • Dual monaural amplifier design
  • Esoteric QVCS volume control system
  • Ultra-low noise logic control
  • ball bearing control knobs
  • Dual mono phono preamp
  • High-Quality headphone amplifier
  • 2 band tone control
  • Large capacity transformer
  • 30 amperes of instantaneous peak power
  • Organic EL display (Normal / Large font).
  • Two speaker terminal systems (A / B / A+B).
  • Independently adjustable input gains (±18dB; 0.5dB steps).
  • L/R channel balance.
  • Individually selectable phase inversion for each source.
  • AV through output (volume bypass) ensures seamless coexistence with AV systems.
  • RCA preamp output jack can be switched between PRE Out and REC Out.
  • An aluminium body remote controller can also be used to operate Esoteric’s SACD players.
  • Displayed source device names can be programmed.


Speaker output
Rated output 100W + 100W (8Ω)
170W + 170W (4Ω)
Minimum compatible impedance
Damping factor 370
Speaker terminals Screw type × 2 sets (L/R)
Analog audio inputs
XLR (LINE) 1 pair
Input impedance 10kΩ
RCA (LINE) 4 pairs
Input impedance 10kΩ
RCA (PHONO) 1 pair
Input impedance
MC 100Ω
MM 47kΩ
XLR (Pre-in) 1 pair
Input impedance 47kΩ
Analog audio outputs
RCA (Pre-out) 1 pair
Output impedance 100Ω
Pre-out S/N ratio
XLR, RCA IN 109dB (1V output)
PHONO MC IN 75dB (1V output)
PHONO MM IN 93dB (1V output)
Power supply
AC 230V, 50Hz
AC 120V, 60Hz
AC 220V, 60Hz
External dimensions (W×H×D) 445 × 191 × 468mm
17-⅝” × 7-⅝” × 18-½” (including protrusions)
Weight 27.2kg / 60 lb
Included accessories Power cord × 1
Remote control (RC-1301) × 1
AAA batteries × 2
Felt pads × 4
Owner’s manual × 1
Warranty card × 1


Audio performance

Frequency 10Hz to 100kHz (0dB/–3dB, 1W output)
S/N ratio 110dB (IHF-A)
Total harmonic distortion 0.008% (100W)
Preamplifier 24.5dB (when VOLUME at maximum)
Power amplifier 29dB
Tone controls
Bass ±12dB (63Hz)
Treble ±12dB (14kHz)


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