Kharma Elegance Speaker Cable

$5,400.00 inc. GST

Kharma Elegance Speaker Cable
Kharma Elegance Speaker Cable

$5,400.00 inc. GST

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The Kharma Elegance Speaker Cable consists of the hybrid SNC™ technology is used within the Elegance Cable Collection. The Elegance cables are executed at an optimum price versus quality ratio and also include the same individually chambered conductor structure as in the Exquisite and Enigma Veyron Cable Collection. This makes the Elegance Cables a perfect synergy with their loudspeakers.

Kharma Elegance Speaker Cable

Kharma Elegance Speaker Cable Information:


The Elegance Cables are designed to match the Elegance speaker collection both audible and aesthetically. Therefore the trimming is from the same material as the trimming on the speakers: Chrome. The other parts of the Elegance loudspeaker cable are black anodized aluminium parts and Silver spades. Matching with the colours and materials used throughout the Elegance Collection.


The Elegance Loudspeaker Cable is based on pure silver conductors combined with a carbon conductor strand to realize the hybrid conductor construction that brings so many for the ear. Flexible tubing individually chambers all conductors to make use of the potential of air insulation.



  • KLC-EL-1.0

Minimal length

  • 2 meter


  • Rhodium-plated spades

2-meter length is standard, other lengths are available to special order. Please contact our friendly staff for further information and pricing

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