Krix Real Cinema MX-40 9.4.4 Package

$134,500.00 inc. GST

The Krix Real Cinema MX-40 9.4.4 Package includes a component list put together to complement the Krix MX-40 speaker wall. The Krix MX-40 requires separate amplifiers for bass and mid/treble plus an active crossover for the bass on the left, centre and right speakers and to meet these requirements we have put together matching Elektra HD3 amplifiers paired with a Tvinnov Altitude 16 which will handle the setup beautifully, we continue amplifying the surround and height speakers with Elektra HD5 amplifiers and video is handled by the JVC DLA-NZ8 8K E-Shift laser projector and Majestic acoustically transparent screen. Forget gold class this is platinum class!

Alternative speaker configurations, projection, amplification and screens are available!

Krix Real Cinema MX-40 9.4.4 Package:

Add a Control 4 Core 1 master controller and SR260 rechargeable remote to provide ease of use for the entire family add $2,780 including programming#

^Due to our agreement with Trinnov the Altitude 16 must be installed and calibrated by Sydney Hi-Fi Castle Hill

*extra costs may incur

# Networking components may be required

All prices subject to change without notice with E&OE

Krix Real Cinema MX-40 9.4.4 Package to buy in Castle Hill, NSW
Krix Real Cinema MX-40 9.4.4 Package
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