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Immersive Audio

A new era in home cinema "Immersive Audio" is not a brand or model, Immersive Audio is the definition given to Dolby Atmos, DTS X, Auro 3D cinema that exceeds the conventional 5, 7, 9, or 11 channel speaker array configurations offered by most generic AV receivers and processors. To achieve an Immersive Audio Cinema specific processing is required by manufacturers like Trinnov Audio for example where the full multi-channel capabilities of Atmos, DTS X, and Auro 3D can be exploited, For example,

  • Did you know that if you have a large screen 4 meters or wider you can have left, mid-left left-center, center, center-right, mid-right, and right speakers operating discreetly to provide a seamless sound stage from left to right,
  • Did you know that front wide, mid surround, mid-rear, front high channels existed?
  • Did you know that subwoofers can be linked to any speaker around the room to provide full bandwidth to surround and Atmos channels? Some soundtracks go as low as 6hz in the surround channels!
  • Did you know that BLu-Ray & 4K Ultra HD discs can have up to 32 discrete audio?

With the correct planning and design and an Immersive Audio processor, all this and more is possible!

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Immersive Audio and Surround Sound System